TransType - Comparsion of SE and Pro version

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On this site youŽll find software for editing, manipulating, generating, converting and exploring fonts (computer type).

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Comparsion of SE and Pro version

TransType font converter editions



Convert fonts from Mac to Windows and from Windows to Mac (Type 1, TrueType, Multiple Master) Yes Yes
Convert from and to PostScript Type 1 Yes Yes
Convert from and to TrueType Yes Yes
Convert from and to OpenType (PS) Yes No
Convert Multiple Master fonts into normal (single-master) fonts Yes Yes
Convert legacy-encoded fonts into Unicode and create specialty-encoded fonts YesYes Yes
Create basic OpenType Layout features from standard Type 1 fonts and additional OpenType features from TrueType GX/AAT fonts Yes No
Batch mode to convert hundreds of fonts at a time Yes Yes
Ability to manually rearrange Mac suitcases YesYes Yes
Ability to manually edit the family and style names Yes No
Convert fonts directly from Stuffit archives (.sit) Yes Yes
Preview fonts directly in the main window Yes No
Automatic bitmaps and hinting creation if necessary Yes Yes
Functionality extensible with Python scripting Yes No

YesYes: Feature improved. Yes: Feature available. No: Feature not available.