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On this site youŽll find software for editing, manipulating, generating, converting and exploring fonts (computer type).

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FontLab Studio

Global Transformations

Global Transformations

Global Transformations make it a snap to transform a whole font. Several predifined filters can be combined and customized to suit your needs!

The following filters (and more) are available

  • Contour filters like Shift, Mirror, Scale, Rotate, Slant, Extremes, Optimize and Blend.
  • Hints and Guidlines filters like Remove Hints, Autohint, Convert To Links and Drop TT Hints.
  • Metrics Filters like Set Width, Set Sidebearing, Center Glyph, Autospacing and Adjust Metrics.
  • Effect Filters like Bold, Outline, Shadow, 3D-Rotate and Gradient make it easy to create fonts with reasonable effects.