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On this site you´ll find software for editing, manipulating, generating, converting and exploring fonts (computer type).

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FontLab Studio

Basic Drawing Tools

Basic Drawing Tools

With the basic drawing tools it´s easy to modify existing glyphs and draw new outlines.

  • Modify outline by dragging points or contour´s lines and curves.
  • Draw vectors as you are used to do within other grpahics applications.
  • Erase points by just clicking on them.
  • Set startpoint and reverse the direction of a contour.
  • Mirror, slant, rotate, scale and transform a contour.
  • Interpolate a contour by dragging.
  • Insert additional points with the knife tool.
  • Select part of a glyph with the magic wand and other selection tools.
  • Remove overlap, merge, subtract or find intersections of contours.
  • With the snap to guide option it is easy to align parts of a glyph.
  • Insert automatically nodes at extremes for better hinting.
  • Assure exact distances with the meter tool.
Also 100 levels of Undo and Redo ensure you can expreriment with your designs!