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On this site you´ll find software for editing, manipulating, generating, converting and exploring fonts (computer type).

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Advanced TrueType Hinting

Advanced TrueType Hinting

TrueType hinting is very different from Type 1 hinting, it´s more like programming the outline at specific sizes.

To make the prcess as simple as possible, FontLab has it´s own highlevel TreuType hinting comands.

With this you can align point, set single or double links, interpolate between points, move parts of a contour with a middle delta or just a single point with final deltas at specific sizes.

With TrueType hinting one can create the perfect font, that looks bright at every size. However you need some experience. Also getting the perfect results is a somewhat time consuming operation.

For smallest sizes and complicated fonts, it can be very complicated to get readable bitmaps. For this cases FontLab allows you just to draw bitmaps for specific sizes.