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On this site you´ll find software for editing, manipulating, generating, converting and exploring fonts (computer type).

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AsiaFont Studio

High-End 2 Byte Font Editor!


AsiaFont Studio is the only commercially available two-byte font editor. You can create large Japanese, Chinese, Korean or Vietnamese fonts as well as any other multilingual Unicode-based OpenType fonts. AsiaFont Studio can handle fonts with up to 65,536 glyphs!
Note: OpenType Layout tables required for complex scripts such as Arabic, Devanagari or Thai can be added with the free Microsoft VOLT application.


Demoversion AsiaFont Studio 4.0 Windows in Array
Demoversion AsiaFont Studio 4.0 OS X in Array
Manual of AsiaFont Studio 4.0 Windows in Array
Manual of AsiaFont Studio 4.0 OS X in Array


Article-No. Name Version Operating Systems Languages £ $  
SO001108 AsiaFont Studio 4.0 Windows
Array 2.354,00 €

SO001109 AsiaFont Studio 4.0 OS X
Array 2.354,00 €